Green Katrin Langensiepen invites to an Eritrea Round Table in the EU Parliament

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Brussels. The German Green EU Parliamentarian Katrin Langensiepen invites to a “roundtable meeting” on the subject of Eritrea in the European Parliament on Wednesday, October 25th, 2023. East Africa expert and journalist Martin Plaut Martin Plaut published a corresponding event notice on his website on October 12, 2023, and linked it to the event announced in hybrid format for interested audiences.

As a supplementary service post, the list of speakers and the program are also attached:


Katrin Langensiepen – Member of the European Parliament

Opening and chair

Prof. Dr Mirjam van Reisen – Prof. International Relations,
Innovation and Care at Tilburg University; Prof. FAIR Data Science at
Leiden University; Expert on Eritrea


Dr. Mohamed Babiker (TBC)– UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea

Opening: about Eritrea and its behaviour outside of Eritrea

Tadese Teklebrhan – Chair Eritrean Human Rights Defenders

The Eritrean Diasopra

Beyene Gerezgiher – Member Bright Future for Eritrea

Human Rights Defenders

Kubrom Dafla Hosabay – Political Analyst on Eritrea Affairs

Aspects where Isaias‘ regime negatively impacts the European taxpayer

Vanessa Tsehaye – Human Rights Activitst

Second generation activist on human rights solidarity

Kokob Gebru – Lecturer, Clinician and Researcher of Mental Health at Mekelle University

Conflict-related sexual violence perpetrated by Eritrean force

Edmund Yakani – Executive Director of CEPO

The situation in the Horn of Africa

Dr. Selam Kidane – Mental health expert, lecturer at University of West London

Regional trauma and the way forward

K Smits – Researcher human trafficking

Chains of responsibility and human trafficking towards the EU

Dr. Sara Arapiles – Teaching Associate in Law, University of Nottingham

Enslavement and crimes against humanity

Katrin Langensiepen – Member of the European Parliament


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